Here we try to awnser the most common questions.

A. We cover most of west yorkshire, leeds, wakefield, bradford, etc. if your not sure, you can still request a quote (it's free and takes less than a minute) and we'll tell you if the area you've requested is coverd by us.
A. This is a massive misconception, the law in the UK as it stands allows independent garages to maintain vehicles without the loss of manufactures warranty so long as approved parts and fluids are used, you could service your own vehicle if your competent, and have access to the correct Manufacturers recommended parts. (See the AA's website)
A. Just like a normal car your hybrid contains a combustion engine, but also an electric motor-generator and batteries. Don’t let a garage make you think it’s more expensive to service due to this, its not! (Does hybrid maintenance cost more?)
A. "Yes! regular services help keep your engine in good condition, after time/use oil starts to break down into various compounds that can lead to excessive wear within the engine. More ware equals more friction, more friction leads to reduced MPG and efficiency this can also lead to lower reliability. (tips to improve MPG)
A. We can service your vehicle in most places we/you can get permission. E.g. at your home, works car park etc. generally public carparks/main roads are not suitable or allowed. We’ll also need sufficient safe space to work - around 1 to 2 meters around the car.
A. Yes, we need access to the engine, we’ll need to run the engine at some points. Its up to you if you wait with your car while we do this (at the start and end of the service) or just leave the keys with the technician
A. For a mini service generally 45mins, if you’ve selected a full/custom service this can take upto 2 hours
A. No, however we undertake a pre/post inspection if we see any loose hoses, unplugged sensor, loose connectors, clips etc we’ll do our best to put this right with no additional charge. We'll also give free advice on any repair work that needs doing.